A Water Partnership Built to Last

Almost 15 years ago, Lake Oswego and Tigard formed a partnership to share drinking water resources and costs. Lake Oswego’s facilities were undersized, aging and seismically vulnerable. Tigard had pursued ownership of its own water source for many years. By sharing the cost of planning, designing and constructing a new water supply system, each city secured its long-term water supply needs at a cost neither could afford alone.

On June 9, 2016, the Lake Oswego Tigard water system became fully operational, and the Clackamas River became both LO and Tigard’s primary source of drinking water. Watch Lake Oswego Mayor Buck and Tigard Mayor Snider reflect on how important this partnership has been – and continues to be – for both communities. 

This truly is a partnership that is built to last and continues to live up to the motto – sharing water, connecting communities.