Know Your Water

Tap water is one of the most important resources in our lives. Did you know, your Lake Oswego and Tigard drinking water is rigorously tested for over 90 contaminants and goes through six stages of treatment before ending at your tap, all for about a penny per gallon?

💦 Clean, safe, high-quality drinking water is delivered to almost 100,000 customers using an advanced treatment system and network of resilient pipes, pump stations and reservoirs.
💧 For this high-quality tap water, delivered straight to your home, you pay about a penny per gallon; compare that to $1.00 for one 16-ounce bottled water that is not required to meet the same rigorous testing standards as tap water.

A lot of work takes place behind the scenes to provide us with clean, safe and reliable drinking water every day.

To learn more about your water system and treatment process, read your latest water quality report:

For Lake Oswego:
For Tigard: