Celebrating a Successful Water Partnership

June 9, 2021 marks five years since the new Lake Oswego Tigard water system started providing high-quality drinking water to almost 100,000 customers throughout Lake Oswego and Tigard!  

Here are six things to know and celebrate about this successful partnership:

  • Water quality has improved with a state-of-the-art treatment system.
  • Through partnering together, both cities saved millions of dollars for customers.
  • The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Project was the largest public works project in our cities’ histories.
  • Our water system meets the most modern seismic standards for long-term resiliency and increases emergency water supply reliability through regional intertie connections.
  • Our Water Treatment Plant eliminates emerging pathogens/viruses, like COVID-19, from the water supply.
  • Our water system provides reliable, consistently high-quality drinking water from the Clackamas River—all for about a penny per gallon.

Let’s celebrate securing our most valuable resource for our cities’ future: investing in public health and preparing our cities for the long-term.