Thank you, Tigard

The recent snow and ice storm resulted in extensive power outages throughout Lake Oswego and our metro region. The City of Lake Oswego lost power at all main facilities, including the LO-Tigard river intake pump station and the water treatment plant that provides water to 100,000 customers in Lake Oswego and Tigard.

While Partnership staff worked tirelessly to secure generators and restore temporary power, LO turned to their partner for help. In a precautionary effort, the Partnership activated our emergency water intertie at our Waluga Reservoir site. For the first time since the intertie was installed, the flow of water was reversed, with Tigard supplying water to Lake Oswego’s reservoirs. This ensured the Lake Oswego community would not go without drinking water and our emergency responders had ample storage for responding to fires.

While challenges needed to be overcome, this was a great testament to the incredible partnership with Tigard and Lake Oswego. Thank you, Tigard. This truly is a partnership that is built to last and continues to live up to our motto – sharing water, connecting communities.