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A smart investment.

Clean drinking water is vital to the health and economy of our communities. It is easy to take water for granted. Every day we turn on our taps and get clean, safe water. We don't often think about the infrastructure that treats and delivers water to our homes and businesses year-round, 24 hours a day.

Clean, good tasting water year-round.

Our new water system will provide reliable, consistently high-quality drinking water—all for about a penny per gallon. The new ozone treatment system uses less chlorine for disinfection and removes more impurities from our drinking water. It also ensures your water tastes great – year round.

Partnering saves money.

The new water system replaces aging, vulnerable, at-capacity infrastructure with a cutting-edge system that serves both communities. Tigard customers benefit by obtaining access to a high-quality water source and ownership in a state-of-the-art, seismically safe water supply system. Lake Oswego customers also save millions of dollars by sharing water system improvement costs with Tigard. Together, both communities can do what neither could do on its own.

Built to last.

The new water system is the first in Oregon designed and constructed to withstand major earthquakes. The Partnership also expands a network of interconnected water systems-increasing water reliability for Lake Oswego, Tigard, West Linn and communities across the region.

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Water Savvy

What you Need to Know About your Drinking Water; an accessible explanation of technical issues.

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