Tuesday - January 6, 2015

Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership Project Reaches Midway Point

The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership, the $254 million project that will upgrade and increase system capacity to deliver high-quality drinking water from the Clackamas River to the communities of Lake Oswego and Tigard, has reached the halfway mark. The overall project remains on budget and on schedule to deliver high-quality drinking water by summer 2016. The new system will also provide an emergency water supply to West Linn.

Construction is well underway on every component of the new water system. Some recent milestones include the 3,900-foot horizontal directional drilled pipe installation under the Willamette River, nearly 5 miles of pipe laid (47 percent of total pipe), and more than 330 cubic yards of concrete poured to complete the roof on the Waluga Reservoir 2. In addition, the River Intake Pump Station on the Clackamas River is scheduled for startup in February.

While the overall program is on schedule, the timeline to expand and replace the water treatment plant in West Linn has been extended. In December 2014, the Partnership received an updated construction schedule from Slayden Construction Group (SCG), the general contractor charged with constructing the water treatment plant, indicating major construction activities will be complete in fall 2016, with final completion expected in early 2017.

“While we’re happy that the majority of the project is on track, we’re surprised and disappointed about the later completion date for the water treatment facility,” said Joel Komarek, Project Director for the Partnership. “We understand an extended construction presence at the plant impacts our neighbors in West Linn and we’re fully committed to finding ways to minimize that.”

SCG officials are working closely with the Partnership’s construction oversight team to be sure that every opportunity to complete the work quickly is identified. The updated schedule already incorporates a number of recovery efforts including re-sequencing some major activities for greater efficiency, working six-days per week, subcontracting more work, and installing temporary covers over buildings to allow interior work to occur prior to roof installation.

At this stage the Partnership does not anticipate any impact on water rates in Tigard or Lake Oswego.

The new water supply system replaces aging, vulnerable, at-capacity infrastructure with a state-of-the art system designed to the highest seismic resiliency standards. The new system will enhance emergency water supply reliability regionally by providing access to Lake Oswego’s and Tigard’s combined storage as well as other supply sources. The new Water Treatment Plant features architectural and enhanced landscaping that will reduce visual, noise, and lighting impacts and will provide additional green space for neighborhood access.       

To view more details about the overall program, milestones and what lies ahead, please visit the construction status update at http://lotigardwater.org/?e=project-midway-point-construction-update.

For questions about the revised plant schedule, please contact Joel Komarek, Project Director, at 503-697-6588. For project information, please contact the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership at 503-697-6502 or visit www.lotigardwater.org.