Thursday - August 14, 2014

Bonita Pump Station Construction Update

Temporary irrigation in vegetated corridor is being installed

Meter vault walls have been poured

This week, crews continued installing the temporary irrigation in the vegetated corridor around the protected wetland. The irrigation will remain for a couple of years to allow the native vegetation to establish. Excavation and shoring of the pump enclosures was also completed, as well as dewatering, which will continue over the next couple of weeks in both the pump area and the meter vault area.

Over the next few weeks, the vegetated corridor will be seeded and temporary work slabs will be poured. Rebar will be delivered next week, along with six metal pump enclosures. The enclosures will be set in place and concrete poured around them. On site pipeline excavation and installation will begin in about two weeks. Neighbors can expect to see concrete trucks and typical site activity with excavators and dump trucks. Watch for flaggers as equipment and trucks enter and exit the site. The dewatering pumps will run 24 hours per day for a couple of weeks until the concrete is poured for the meter vault and pump enclosures, but do not generate much noise. 

Thank you neighbors for your patience as construction progresses.

For more information, please contact us or visit the “all work underway” map.