What is this Project?

This project creates a reliable water system that delivers high-quality drinking water from the Clackamas River to the communities of Lake Oswego and Tigard. Learn more...

The new drinking water treatment method is conventional filtration plus ozone. Learn more... The new water system is the most earthquake resilient in Oregon. Learn more... It isn't easy being green, but the new system is sustainable and energy efficient. Learn more...

Project News

Tuesday - June 28, 2016

LOT project reaches 'final phase'

Demolition of old filters, administration building underway

In the news...

Final phase.

At one point, residents and government officials alike may have felt as if those two words would never be associated with the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership (LOT) project in West Linn. But the beginning of June marked the start of the third and final phase of construction at the LOT water plant in the Robinwood neighborhood, and busy months lie ahead for the construction team.

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Friday - June 24, 2016

Tree pruning starting soon at the WR1 site

Waluga Reservoir 1 Roof Replacement Project Update

Design update

Design and permitting for the Waluga Reservoir 1 (WR1) roof replacement has been underway and is almost complete. As this project is a replacement of the WR1’s existing roof and the overall design of the new roof is similar in shape and size to the current roof, the project is exempt from land-use review. The roof replacement is considered maintenance and the new roof design is consistent with prior land-use approvals.

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Thursday - June 16, 2016

Restoration activities taking place in Lake Oswego

Iron Mountain staging yard.

Lake Oswego Pipeline Construction: Restoration Update

Iron Mountain Boulevard Staging Yard – restoration almost complete

The contractor has been working to restore the Iron Mountain staging yard. This includes removing the rock (gravel) and geotechnical fabric that was placed, mulching, seeding and installing temporary irrigation to help stabilize the seeding. Once the restoration is complete, a third party erosion control inspector will inspect the site to ensure restoration is in compliance with the permit.

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